Clyde is a MASc student who joined the Biomedical Imaging for Healthy Aging Laboratory in January 2020. He has also been part of the Image Processing and Characterization of Tissue Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Hassan Rivaz since 2018, as an Undergraduate Research Assistant. He is currently co-supervised by Dr. Habib Benali and Dr. Hassan Rivaz. His current research project is concerned with Alzheimer disease (AD), a neurodegenerative disease that causes cognitive decline and reduces the quality of life. His work involves identifying, analyzing, and modeling the relationships between tau protein deposition in neurons and gray matter reductions in AD patients. Demystifying these relationships is conducive to developing accurate models for detecting AD at an early stage, a task that remains difficult with current diagnostic approaches.

Educational Background

Clyde received his BEng. In Electrical Engineering, with distinction, from Concordia University in 2020. Clyde currently holds multiple awards: the Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master’s Program award, two NSERC USRA awards, two FRQNT supplement of the NSERC awards, the Concordia Merit Scholarship, and two engineering design project awards namely the Electrical Engineering Product Design Project in 2018 (First Place) and the Undergraduate Capstone Project in 2019 (Honorable Mention).

Other Curriculum

As an undergraduate student, Clyde had involvement in various student societies in which he served as the Director of Flight Operations with UAV Concordia from 2017-2018 and as the Director of Laboratory Services with IEEE Concordia from 2019-2020. He was a student member of the PERFORM Centre Student Scientific Events Sub-Committee from 2020-2021. He was appointed as the Chair of the PERFORM Student Action Committee (PSAC) since November 2021 and is presently

Research and publications


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