Faezeh Sohrabi is currently a master student of Biomedical Engineering in the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Concordia University under supervision of Prof. Habib Benali. Her current research project is to quantify the energy metabolism of the brain using Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy imaging, which is a non-invasive method for recording brain parameters. In this way, she analyzes and models the relationship between lactate concentration and glucose uptake in the brain under the influence of exercise.

Educational Background

Faezeh received her BS.c (2018) degree in Biomedical Engineering from Hamedan University of Technology. She won first place in the IEEE Ingenious Project Competition (2018) for the B.Sc. thesis and the Best Researcher Award (2019) among all bachelor students of Hamadan University of Technology.

Selected Publications:

F. Sohrabi and M.B. Khodabakhshi, 2019. The trajectory intersection: An approach for nonlinear down-sampling. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, v124, pp.10-17.

Contact Information:

Office-Mail: faezeh.sohrabi@concordia.ca