Shirin is a Master’s student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Concordia University. She joined Professor Habib Benali’s research team in September 2020 to conduct research in “Sleep Conditions and Circadian Rhythm” subject. For this research, she should analyze data obtained from functional Magnetic Resonanse Imaging (fMRI) technique in order to investigate the relationships between different factors such as total integration, melatonin, functional connectivity, etc.

Educational Background

Shirin has received her B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering – Electronics from Azad University – Central Tehran Branch in 2017. Artificial Neural Network was one of her main research interests. So, she worked on “Human Authentication based on PPG using ANN” for her B.Sc. thesis.

Professional background

Soon after graduation, she worked as an “IoT Developer” for two years for Mediana Co. and before traveling to Canada for higher education, she was hired by Niroo Research Institute and conducted research on “Battery Management Systems in Electric Vehicles”.

Other Curriculum

As she is an active person, during her bachelor studies, she joined IEEE student branch of her university and later, she became the chairwoman of the student branch and organized many educational and cultural events for the students and also, children.