In a nutshell

I am currently pursuing my BS- MS degree (2019-2024) at IISER Kolkata. I am a fourth-year student with Mathematics Major and Biology Minor. I am currently working on Neuronal Dynamics, Games and Rationality, and Epidemic spread. <


  1. 10th Standard: 96.4% from WBBSE (Rank-16)
  2. 12th Standard: 95.4% from WBCHSE (Rank- 19)
  3. CGPA- 9.13/10 (After 3rd Year)


  1. Gold medal at iGEM 2021 along with 4 nominations for special awards with IISER Kolkata Team(Best Diagnostics, Best Composite Part, Best Supporting Entrepreneurship, Best Inclusivity).
  2. MITACS Globalink Research Fellowship
  3. ANU Future Research Talent Awardee
  4. INSPIRE Scholarship
  5. JBNSTS Junior Scholarship (Rank- 14)


Python, MATLAB, GNU plot, Latex, Photoshop, Gephi


  1. WinterReading Project2019on“Non-linear Dynamics and Fractal Geometry” under Prof. Soumitra Banerjee, IISER Kolkata
  2. SummerProject2020on“PropagationofCOVID-19cases and future prediction” under Prof. Ranjit Kumar Upadhyay, IIT Dhanbad
  3. SummerProject2021on“Higher Order Interaction inSpecies Stabilization and Perturbation Effect in species” under Prof. Chittaranjan Hens, ISI Kolkata
  4. Summer Project 2022 on “Change in Network structure with respect to Mutualism and Antagonism” under Prof. Jordi Bascompte, University of Zurich


  1. Upadhyay, R.K., Chatterjee, S. et al. “Age-group targeted testing for COVID-19asa new prevention strategy” NonlinearDynamics (Springer-Nature)(2020),DOI:10.1007/s11071-020-05879-x

  2. Upadhyay, R.K., Chatterjee, S. et al. “Combating COVID-19 crisis and predicting the second wave in Europe: an Age-structured modeling”Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing (Springer- Nature)(2022),DOI: 10.1007/s12190-022-01723-0

  3. Chatterjee, S. et al. “Controlling species densities in structurally perturbed intransitive cycles with higher-order interactions”CHAOS, DOI: 10.1063/5.0102599